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There are so many ways in which hiring a qualified drone operator or a photographer can help. What better way to inspect a roof or inaccessible parts of your property than to keep your feet firmly on the ground and still obtain superb quality 4k footage to inspect at your leisure? Having a party or corporate function? Our team can capture all of those memorable moments for you to treasure forever or use for high-impact sales and marketing drives. With our sister company, Buzzard Photobooths, we can even work with you to create your own personalised booth which are amazing ways to enhance a product launch or special landmark in your business or personal life.
A list of some of the options available to you can be found on our Services page but this is certainly not exhaustive as the applications are almost limitless. We offer some suggestions here but if you are looking to undertake a photographic project but aren't sure of the best way to proceed simply contact us to discuss how we can work together.
To ensure your peace of mind you can find us on the Drone Safe Register so you will know you are hiring fully trained, qualified and insured operatives to help you with your projects.


With the use of drone technology and 4K resolution we can eliminate the initial cost of scaffolding or a lift to give a first view of hard to reach areas. This can help decide if repairs, or a closer full inspection, are required.


With GPS drones can give an aerial timelapse from virtually the same position everytime enabling you to see the build happening and keeping to schedule to enable builds to progress at the desired speed.
With 3D mapping you can also measure distances and volumes of objects.

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